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Nancy Foster

Former First Lady of Long Beach

Like the saying goes:  Behind every great man, is a great woman. Nancy Foster, the former First Lady of Long Beach, has always had husband Bob’s back.  But she also takes front and center on many issues dear to her heart. She’s a mental health advocate and a strong supporter of many causes, including the Ronald McDonald House right here in Long Beach.  She’s a mother to two grown sons and one pampered cat named Charlie.  We think this picture, taken on a recent trek to Alaska, captures Nancy’s personality.  How about you?

Much the past eight years has revolved around being the “First Lady” of Long Beach. What have you been up to since Mayor Foster left office?

It’s been refreshing spending more time at home without the pressure of being on the go constantly. I’ve been preparing to put our house up for sale – we’re going to downsize our residence in Long Beach. But we’ve been doing some fun things – we took the family on an Alaskan cruise last summer.

So, how long have Mr. & Mrs. Foster lived in Long Beach?

Wow – it’s been almost 20 years. Before that we lived in Sacramento for 24 years and still have many dear friends up north.

What are some of your favorite restaurants in town, and why?

Parkers’ Lighthouse has been a longtime favorite. La Strada is always on the list and we just love watching Lisa Ramelow, the owner, interacting with her guests. The Crooked Duck is another favorite.

Long Beach’s dining scene has changed so much over the years. Is there a restaurant that no longer exists that you miss?

I’m sure there are, but I’m really excited to try some of the new restaurants that have opened, such as Panxa Cocina on Broadway.

Is there a restaurant that you and Bob go for special occasions?

We love Queensview Steakhouse for entertaining out of town guests. It’s always perfect, and has a great view.

If you could invite 3 people to dinner, living or dead, who would they be and why?

That’s easy. First, my dad who passed away three years ago on January 18th.  Bob’s father who we also miss. And, of course, Bob.  This would make for an incredible reunion!

Can you share your most memorable Long Beach restaurant experience?

There have been so many great memories at so many different restaurants around town. What stand out are those unplanned dinners that took place after the State of the City address with close friends.

Communal tables. What’s your thought on dining with complete strangers?

I think they make for an engaging setting and for me, personally, I enjoy meeting new people.

You and Bob seem to be enjoying post political life. What’s on the agenda next?

Who knows, but the past eight years were fantastic and ones that I will always cherish. And, for that, I’m forever grateful. Thanks Long Beach!

Thank you, Nancy. You have our vote for the most interesting interview!