Neighborhood: Belmont Heights

Speak Cheezy

No matter how you slice it, Speak Cheezy is the pizza OG. Its humble beginnings included catering coupled with a roaming van equipped with a pizza oven. Then, voila, they opened a brick-and-mortar storefront on 4th Street in Belmont Heights where their legendary sourdough pizzas are naturally leavened for up to five days and the fresh mozzarella is pulled in-house.

3950 E. 4th St.
Long Beach, CA 90814

The Breakfast Bar

Breakfasts appetizers?  Why not!  The Breakfast Bar thinks out of the pan with an array of creative family recipes (with names to match) for breakfast and lunch. It’s never too early to cocktail, and you’ll find an array of shaken and stirred favorites – and more than just Bloody Marys (although those are pretty tasty crowned with a selection of toppings and treats).

3404 E 4th St
Long Beach, CA 90814